February - March 2017

PSR Newsletter
February - March 2017


2/2            First Penance Practice for singers/readers in church 6:30-7:30.                                         
2/4             First Penance Service 10:00am w reception following

2/7             Classes in session. Confirmation Preparation class for grades 7-8.

2/14           Classes in session.  Valentine's Day.

2/21           Classes in session.  Progress Reports distributed.

2/25-26      Communion Enrollment Masses 4:00 on Sat and 9:30 on Sun.

2/28            Classes in session.  

3/1              Ash Wednesday

3/7              Classes in session.  Confirmation Preparation class for grades 7-8.
3/14            No sessions -- Spring Break for WCS          

3/21            Classes in session.  Confessions for grades 3-8.                    

3/28            Classes in session.


 This newsletter will be coming to you as parents or guardians of our PSR students every two months.
Please watch for it as it will let you know of the upcoming calendar events and any changes made to it!


Very Important Notice

Please come into the building after PSR classes to pick up your child(ren). It is very dangerous for the little ones, especially those in grades 1-5, to be running into the parking lot alone to your car!! It is too dark, and at times, rainy or snowy, for this to happen, and yet it does every week! If you have other young children in the car, please pull up to the curb by the gym doors, and I will walk your children to your car.

 School Closing Policy

 As the wintry weather is coming soon, I would like to remind you to watch Channels 3, 5, and 8 for OLMC PSR closings.  I will also send an email to the entire PSR student roster. The rectory (585.0700) will have the information after 5:00. You may call the PSR office (585.0900) to hear a message.

If schools were closed during day, it is not definite that PSR will be closed for evening class. If they were open for day school, bad weather in the pm may cause evening classes to close. Keep an eye on your television and check emails!

(If you are still not receiving weekly emails from reled@olmcwickliffe.org, please check your junk mail, or send me your current email.)

If your child is in a Sacramental Preparation Program (First Penance, First Holy Communion or Confirmation) please check your emails for reminders on upcoming events, deadlines and due dates.

Thank you!!!!!

Finally, I would like to let you know what an awesome job you are doing raising your children in our faith!  The children are kind, considerate and very pleasant.  I rarely hear complaints from the teachers or from any other adult present in the building.  Thank you for bringing your children to our program!  May God bless you at Christmas with joy and peace and throughout the New Year with health and prosperity!