June 25, 2017

What a wonderful celebration of Corpus Christi!! The Mass and Procession of the Most Holy Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ was tremendous.  Thank you to all the people who made it so special. Special thanks to those who carried the Baldacchino and to those who processed to the Chapel for the blessing and re-commissioning of the new Monstrance and the chairs.


Several questions have arisen from the celebration: first, where did we get the Monstrance? The Monstrance is on semi-permanent loan from the Diocese of Cleveland Archive. It was originally from the Saint Joseph Christian Life Center and I understand Fr. Wally Hyclak is thrilled that we are using it. Second is, what is a Baldacchino? A baldachin, or baldaquin or in the Church baldacchino, is a canopy typically placed over an altar or throne. It had its beginnings as a cloth canopy, but in other cases it is a sturdy, permanent architectural feature, particularly over high altars in cathedrals. It can also be a processional canopy used in Eucharistic processions, held up by four or more people with poles attached to the corners of the cloth. It is only a baldacchino if it has four poles whether in permanent form above the Altar or in a Processional context. The Baldacchino we used is also from the Diocese of Cleveland Archive and is over 150 years old. It is truly beautiful and we are fortunate to be allowed to borrow it.


The final question is something that I have been asking and also have been asked for my entire 9 years here. Why do people think it is permissible to leave prior to the end of Mass which is when the closing hymn is over? The answer to that is, I don’t know! I have consistently written about this for years and have been ignored or given poor excuses. I am not talking about emergencies or significant health

issues. I am referring to the attitude or thought that this is acceptable. This sinful attitude and behavior is something that I haven’t spoken of in a while but needs to be brought to the community’s attention. Please make arrangements to be present at the beginning of Mass (beginning of the announcements) through the end of the song. It is for the good of the Church and the Glory of God.


Festival blessings and be encouraged, we are all journeying with you. I pray our Lord richly blesses you. Always remember that I love you, there is no way I will ever love you less, and I will continue to pray for you every day. ~ Fr. Behrend