April 23, 2017 -Divine Mercy Sunday

Good news everyone, Frank Kelly is returning!  Francis B. Kelly, raised in Boston, MA as the sixth of twelve children in an Irish Catholic family.   Rooted in prayer, sacraments and devotion to the saints, Kelly lived an ordinary life as a husband, father and construction foreman.  While working on a hospital jobsite on December 5th, 1985, he was electrocuted by what should have been a lethal dose of electricity.  Not only did Kelly miraculously survive, but the Lord        unfolded a dramatic new life.  Now afflicted with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis and a heart condition, Kelly travels throughout the country, sharing his life changing experience whose fascinating story is the subject of the book, Short Circuit to God; written by David Lang, PhD, with a foreword by Kelly’s spiritual director, Fr. Ronald K. Tacelli, SJ, PhD.


Frank’s healing ministry consists of teaching and individualized prayers.  Powerfully accentuated by his spiritual gifts, discernment and word of knowledge, his prayers are often accompanied by instructions to pray specific novenas for the intercession of saints.  Many people have been touched by this humble man whom God uses as a vessel for healing and reconciliation


To glorify the Father and with permission from his Bishop, Frank now travels throughout the country teaching and sharing his life-changing experiences while Goduses him as a conduit for Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Healings. 

His healing services will be at the following locations:


May 9th  - Mary Queen of Peace; 4423 Pearl Rd. SW, Cleveland, after 6:00 pm Mass

May 10th - Divine Word; 8100 Eagle Rd., Kirtland; after 6:30 pm Mass

May 11th- Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 1730 Mt Carmel Dr., Wickliffe; 7:30 pm

May12th - Church of St. Mary; 401 N. Street, Chardon; after 7pm Prayer Service


"I then realized that Frank has the Holy Spirit working through him. Every time I have spoken with Frank, I am more aware of the presence of the holy Spirit"

"Frank patiently listens, prays, and shines the light of Christ onto anyone that God brings onto his path in life."


I too have seen very specific results from Frank’s ministry, he has helped me clarify things I was praying for and he foretold that I was coming to OLMC more than 9 years ago.


Easter blessings! Take consolation that we are all journeying together. Remember that I love you, there is no way I will ever love you less and I pray for you every day. Please remember the priests who serve you every day in love. ~ Fr. Behrend